Fresh Perspectives In American Perfumery Scent Festival _edited_edited.jpg

Moderated by Bambi Montgomery featuring:

Terees Western, Kimberly Waters, Rodney Hughes and Shawn Crenshaw.

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Join us for an informal conversation with experts in perfumery and hear what they have to say from their personal perspectives - a fresh take on modern perfumery.

Hosted by Digital Scent Festival: Founded by Yosh Han in April 2020, the festival was born out of a need to connect during the pandemic and create a space where our noses remain curious and active.

We encourage soulful connections through olfactive unity. What started out as a six-week program, on Olfaction and the Senses, turned into six-months of virtual programming with over 80 presenters from the niche and indie perfume community from around the world.